The Feline Fix Celebrates World Spay Day February 27, 2018

Affordable spay/neuter clinic is moving to a new, larger location in Commerce City


COMMERCE CITY, CO FEBRUARY 26, 2017 — The Feline Fix, Denver’s leading spay/neuter resource for free roaming “community” cats and quality affordable services for pet cats, is celebrating World Spay Day on February 27, 2018 with the opening of a much larger clinic in Commerce City.  The new location offers significant enhancements including larger surgical space for veterinary services, a dedicated room for kittens in need of homes, a safe, dedicated space for cats with illnesses that may be contagious, post-surgical recovery room and more. The Feline Fix expects to spay and neuter more than 3,000 cats in 2018.

An easily accessible spay/neuter clinic is critical to the organization’s objective of curbing cat overpopulation.  With affordable services for those who may not otherwise be able to spay/neuter their feline, the clinic is expected to be a welcome addition in the community.


With a mission to provide spaying or neutering to every cat that needs it, The Feline Fix encourages people of all means to take advantage of their affordable spay and neuter services, low-cost vaccinations and microchipping. 


“We are excited to make the move north. We’ve outgrown our previous facility in Denver, and are looking forward to having more space and resources to provide services to underserved cats in Commerce City and surrounding areas.  We plan to make a significant difference in the number of free roaming cats, which in turn has a trickle-down effect in the number of cats that end up in our already overcrowded shelters,” states operations director Sherri Leggett. “We want the community to know we’re opening and ready to aid anyone who has ‘community’ or pet cats that need to be fixed, vaccinated or microchipped.”  


The Feline Fix will officially open the new location at 6075 Parkway Drive, #185, Commerce City with the first clinic day on Thursday, March 8th. To make an appointment, simply call 303-202-3516.

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