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All Cats Matter. No Cat Should Suffer.  #NotOne

The Feline Fix Launches Campaign to bring awareness to the plight of free-roaming cats


Commerce City, CO – October 2, 2018 –  The Feline Fix, Denver’s quality and affordable spay/neuter resource for both free-roaming and pet cats, has launched the #NotOne campaign to raise awareness and support for all cats.  The organization cites a palatable lack of empathy for these animals that suffer living on the streets.  The nonprofit organization wants to spread the campaign in hopes of changing attitudes about free-roaming cats and the importance of spay/neuter to end their suffering.



























The Feline Fix’s mission is to stop unwanted litters before they occur and end the issue of cat overpopulation. To date, the organization has spayed and neutered over 40,000 cats.  Their kitten rescue, socialization and adoption program takes over two hundred kittens off the streets altogether each year and places them into loving homes.


“We need this campaign to go viral.  We applaud the wonderful families that love and care for their cats, but also see the need to raise the level of compassion and concern for the free-roaming cats that endure cruelty, starvation and harsh elements each day simply trying to survive,” states marketing director Stacey Baum.  “The ultimate goal is to fix every cat out there so that there are no intact, free-roaming cats and no unwanted litters being born. While we are working on that, there is an urgent need for compassion towards these beautiful animals that are not lucky enough to have a roof over their heads. They do matter and they don’t deserve to suffer.  For their benefit, we must change the hearts and minds of many.”


All intact free-roaming cats, owned or feral, contribute to cat overpopulation, so The Feline Fix supports the practice of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) to help prevent the birth of hundreds of thousands of unwanted cats.  By providing easy access to TNR services, including training, trap rental and stray kitten rescue, The Feline Fix has demonstrated TNR to be an extremely effective and humane method of reducing free-roaming cat populations.  The organization will spay and neuter upwards of 3,000 cats in 2018.  The new clinic location is 6075 Parkway Dr., Unit 185 in Commerce City.  For clinic appointments or more information, please call 303-202-3516 or email To support The Feline Fix and spay/neuter, please donate at




About The Feline Fix:

The Feline Fix is Colorado’s leading spay/neuter source for free-roaming “community” cats and a significant provider of quality and affordable spay/neuter services for pet cats.  To date the organization has spayed and neutered over 40,000 cats, preventing the births of hundreds of thousands of unwanted cats in Denver and surrounding areas.  The Feline Fix also has a foster and adoption program that provides a safety net for young kittens and saves them from a cruel and short life on the streets. Instead, these kittens are socialized and provided a forever home.  For more information or if you would like to support The Feline Fix, visit

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