Our Commitment

The Challenge


More than 20,000 cats are euthanized annually in Colorado simply because there are not enough homes for them all. Unfortunately, we can't simply adopt our way out of the problem.  An unaltered female cat, tame or feral, may become pregnant as early as five months of age and bear two to three litters per year for her entire life; which for a feral cat is roughly 5 years.  The Feline Fix provides affordable spay and neuter services for tame and feral cats, which is currently the best way to humanely help reduce the cat overpopulation problem.


Though progress has been made in reducing community cat numbers, there are still as many as 100,000 homeless felines on the streets of the Denver Metropolitan area.  This situation leads to inhumane living conditions, the spread of life-threatening diseases, and is costly to local governments attempting to manage the situations with limited resources and in some cases, less than ideal solutions.


According to the Humane Society of the United States, there are an estimated 50 million community cats in the United States.  Controlling the community feral cat population through affordable and quality spay and neuter efforts is considered key in reducing overall euthanasia numbers.


The Solution


The purpose of The Feline Fix is to reduce the number of unwanted and homeless cats and to promote the health and welfare of all cats, feral and tame, through the practice of providing quality and affordable spay and neuter services and the practice of TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return).  Our specific activities include:


  • Promotion and support of the TNR practice, which has been demonstrated to be the most effective and humane method of reducing community feral cat populations.

  • Promotion and provision of quality and affordable spay/neuter services for tame and feral cats.

  • Promotion of our TNR and affordable spay/neuter services in the Denver Metro area, surrounding rural communities, and through our high volume clinic.


We support the health and quality of life for every cat released from our clinic, in addition to affordable spay/neuter services, we also provide routine medical services such as abscess treatment, umbilical hernia repair, tail amputation, flea and tick treatment, vaccinations, deworming, disease testing, and minor dental work.


We also offer microchipping and soft paws for tame cats.  Socializable feral kittens and tame stray cats, once fixed, are taken into our foster program or taken to animal shelters to be adopted.


The Feline Fix has led the way in TNR practices and affordable spay/neuter services in Denver for more than two decades. For more information about The Feline Fix please call us at 303-202-3516 or contact us by email info@thefelinefix.org.






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