Volunteer Job Descriptions



Volunteer Veterinarians assist with spay/neuter clinics and staff wellness clinics.

  • Spay/neuter clinics are held on Thursdays & Saturdays. Surgical shifts can be 4 to 8 hours.

  • Wellness clinics (exams, tests, vaccinations, microchips) are scheduled around your availability.

CLINIC ASSISTANTS (medical experience helpful but not necessary)

Volunteer Clinic Assistants provide support to certified veterinary technicians & veterinarians in providing quality, efficient medical care to community & family-owned cats. Currently needed for our spay/neuter clinics held on Thursdays and Saturdays, 4 hour shifts (morning or afternoon).



Introductory: No immediate animal contact.

  • Clean surgical instruments following protocol.

  • Assist with intake and discharge of surgical patients.

  • Clean soiled traps and carriers.

  • Dispense bedding, food, and de-worming solution.

  • Assist with completion of surgical paperwork.

  • Help with laundry & environmental sanitation.


Advanced: Animal contact when confident under veterinarian supervision (optional).

  • Deliver subcutaneous fluids to anesthetized patients.

  • Deliver intramuscular injection of reversal agent to anesthetized patients.

  • Safely remove endotracheal tubes after deflating cuffs from anesthetized patients.

  • Tip left ear of anesthetized patients.

  • Assess post-surgical responsiveness, breathing, cardiac rate on anesthetized patients.



Provides community education for audiences of all ages and background regarding the mission and activities of The Feline Fix.



  • Present interesting, dynamic information about The Feline Fix in a professional and knowledgeable manner.

  • Provide information about the services and programs of The Feline Fix.

  • Educate the public about feline overpopulation, benefits of spay/neuter, & the Trap-Neuter-Return process.

  • Endorse the humane treatment of animals.

  • Staff booths at fairs and events.

  • Professionally solicit volunteers and donations for the organization.

  • Communicate with Volunteer Manager regarding outreach content and approach.



Assist the Marketing, Development and Events Director with event planning and implementation.



  • Solicit donated items for sales and auctions.

  • Help arrange and price items for sales and auctions.

  • Assist with thank you letters and tax documentation for solicited sale items.

  • Assist with marketing of fundraising events.

  • Help support caterers and performers during events.

  • Help with guest entry and other service capacities during fundraisers.

  • Help with set-up and breakdown of venues for fund-raisers.

  • Communicate with fundraising coordinator regarding solicitation protocol.



Provides humane trapping assistance for large and small Trap-Neuter-Return projects.  Training provided.



  • Humanely trap cats for spay and neuter procedures.

  • Safely and compassionately transport cats to and from The Feline Fix in a temperature controlled vehicle. ~The Feline Fix does not provide the vehicle.

  • Assure that cats have access to water, & ensure that food is removed by 10 pm the night before surgery.

  • Humanely return cats to the exact location from which they were trapped.


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