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About Hamilton


The Full Story

Not long ago, Hamilton B. Urglar (or “Hammy,” for short) was trapped outside by one of our dedicated volunteers. The volunteer brought him to The Feline Fix clinic for medical care, and a behavioral assessment. He was hissing, terrified, and wanted nothing to do with the staff (as many of the kittens brought into our program initially behave). He had been born outside to feral parents and had never received any human handling, medical care, or been inside a home.

Our team determined that Hammy was approximately 14 to 16 weeks old, and though he was nearing the end of the critical socialization window for kittens, we believed he could still be helped.

It was a pivotal moment in Hammy’s life; would he be returned to where he was trapped and live the short, difficult life that most feral cats face? Or could he be rehabilitated and eventually placed into a loving adoptive home, where he would never again have to face the dangers, hunger, and cold of outdoor life?

We were committed to doing all we could to change Hammy’s life for the better. We placed him with one of our most experienced foster homes, and though he would be one of our toughest challenges yet, he made progress every day.

We used every socialization tool we had available; delicious squeezy treats, specially made kitten wraps (AKA, the “purrito”), and an intensive daily socialization regimen. We crossed our fingers and waited for the day when Hammy would finally to learn to trust humans.

  • By the end of week one, Hammy was purring.


  • By the end of week two, he no longer needed his purrito wrap.


  • And by week three, he could be held and petted – even by strangers – and he was learning to play with toys.

Hammy finally had the opportunity to relax and just be a kitten, instead of having to worry about survival.

Without your belief in the work we do at The Feline Fix, Hammy likely would have been left on his own to face a life on the street and a grim, cruel future. But thanks to your past support of our work, Hammy is well on his way to becoming ready for adoption into a loving home, and living the life he deserves.

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